Sunday, November 10, 2013



I am currently writing a book which I hope will launch the Article V convention we all hope to see.

There are several important changes in our convention rules which will need to be made in order to facilitate the new direction in which I hope to move Convention USA.

These particularly involve the following:
1. declare that the convention will have 6,163 delegtes.
2. declare that those delegates will reside in and represent 1,186 districts drawn along county lines in which the ratio of constituents to delegates shall not vary more than ten percent from 50,000 to one, according to the census of 2010.
3. Declare that delegates in contested districts will be chosen by elections held on the Internet on the first Tuesday in November, 2014.
4. Declare that the delegates shall convene in Saint Louis, Missouri on the second Monday in May, 2015,  at 9:00 AM Central Time, in a facility to be announced.

There may be some other riles which wold need to be reviewed in order to accommodate this new direction.

I will email all committee members and invite comments. If we can agree on this approach, I would like to convene the convention and get the rule changes adopted before my book is published.